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Exceptional German WWI & WWII C1896 Mauser Broomhandle Pistol & Holster/Wood Stock with WWII custom horse hide holster...Excellent condition bright original blue pistol is matching with German military acceptance stamp and comes with its WWII reissued stock and holster set as captured in 1944-45-Very rare to find a combat arm in this complete condition...Holster leather has been blackened on the front per WWII regulations and owner's names are on reverse (German and the US GI's)...Wood stock is inspector stamped and serial number is different from the pistol...(partial trade considered for rare WWII US Airborne items or Samurai Armor,Japanese Matchlock Guns with inlay or antique wall guns & matchlock pistols)...C&R or FFL Required

(WWI BroomhandleMauser Pistol & Holster/Stock Set )

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WWI BroomhandleMauser Pistol and Holster/Stock Set #45

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