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Original Model 1852 SHARPS Slant Breech Carbine in .52 caliber...Carbine is sound mechanically with a bright bore and appears to function properly...Quite a handsome old rifle in very fine condition...Manufactured from 1853 to 1855 with a total production of approximately 5,000. This is the earliest Sharps Model with the distinctive "slanting breech" and is fitted with the lever hinge pin retaining spring mounted on the right rear of the forearm. The breech end of the barrel is marked with the three line Sharps address, the upper tang "C. SHARPS / PATENT / 1848" followed by the serial number 15651 and the lock is marked "SHARPS / PATENT / 1852".

(Model 1852 SHARPS Slant Breech .52 Cal. Carbine )

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Model 1852 SHARPS Slant Breech .52 Cal. Carbine #231

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