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Japanese Swords, Arms, Armor and Art!

I have been a Japanese Sword and Armor collector for over 30 years and am always seeking to acquire fine examples for my collection. As an active collector, I offer free research and identification of Samurai arms & armor. If you have a sword or Samurai related artifact, call or write and let me know what you have for sale.

Buying all Samurai related artifacts : Swords, Daggers, Armor, Sword Fittings, Matchlock Guns, Bronzes, Polearms, Armor Parts, Artwork, 19th Century Japanese Photographs, Ceramics, Iron Teapots (Tetsubin), Tea Bowls (Chawan), Japanese Antiques, Tansu Chests, Metalwork, WWII Military Swords. Buying Fine Single Items, Estates & Collections


(Japanese Samurai Swords, Arms, Armor, Art, Matchlock Guns and Militaria WANTED!)

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Japanese Samurai Arms, Armor, Art and Militaria WANTED!#17

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